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Thames Connector Bus

Tiki tour around Thames

Want to tiki tour around Thames? Hop on board the Thames Connector Bus! The bus does a regular circuit from Bupa The Booms to Centennial Pool, Richmond Villas, Pak n Save, Civic Centre, Library, Thames Medical Centre, Thames Hospital to Bupa Tararu.

The cost per ride is;
$2 adults 
$1 children (5-16 years old)
FREE Children under 5 
FREE for SuperGold card holders between 9 am to 3 pm

A great way to meet your friendly community members and shop in town - with no worries of finding a car park.

Parents/grandparents take the kids on the Thames Connector Bus during the school holidays to watch a movie, visit the museum, go shopping or to the park, have a swim at the Thames Centennial Pool, or head up to Tararu Beach. There are plenty of options for a nice day out.

Connector is a brand-new 17-seater Ford Transit mini-bus which is also available on weekends and after hours on weekdays for private charter bookings such as weddings, student trips and tourist group bookings.

Call us on 07 8683100 to find out how we can help you find the transport solution you need.

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Or download the Transit app from the App Store or Google Play

See more information about the app and how to videos here

Bupa Tararu (back entrance)
742 Tararu Rd
712 Tararu Rd
524 Tararu Rd
424 Tararu Rd
100 Dickson St
203 Fergusson Dr
303 Fergusson Dr
Opp 303 Ensor St
Opp 103 Ensor St
108 Tararu Rd (Thames Early Childcare Centre)
105 Williams St
502 Brown St
406 Brown St
301 Cochrane St
503 Cochrane St
Hospital Entrance
Mary St - Thames I-site
Pak n Save - Goldfields Shopping Centre
Richmond St - Richmond Villas (reception)
Pollen St - Linn Motors
207 Sealey St - Library
Thames Medical Centre
605 Sealey St
Cnr Sealey St and The Terrace
306 Hill St
402 Hape Rd
116 Harvey Cres
Opp 119 Hauraki Terrace
152 Brunton Cres
110 Brunton Cres
115 Herewaka St
Cnr Mt View Rd and Cora Place
112 Grafton Rd
422 Parawai Rd - Kauaeranga Store

Thames Connector
Bus stops

Map of Thames Connector bus route in Thames

Parawai Rd - Opp Bupa The Booms
421 Parawai Rd - Opp Kauaeranga Store
Opp 318 Parawai Rd
127 Parawai Rd
300 Banks St
207 Rolleston St
122 Fenton St
Centennial Pool - Mackay St
Te Korowai - Richmond St
Richmond St - Richmond Villas (reception)
Pak n Save - Goldfields Shopping Centre
Mary St - Thames i-Site
207 Sealey St - Library
Thames Medical Centre
Hospital Entrance
602 Cochrane St
Bolierhouse Brewery - Cochrane St
507 Brown St
Opp 108 Tararu Rd
103 Ensor St
303 Ensor St
Opp 303 Fergusson Dr
306 Kuranui Rd
Opp 100 Dickson St
Opp 424 Thames Coast Rd
713 Thames Coast Rd
735 Thames Coast Rd
Bupa Tararu (back entrance)

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