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ACC and hospital shuttle

We are here to help you when you need help the most. As your local taxi provider in Thames want to be there to support you, from your trips to the doctor, hospital or supermarket.

Elderly, unwell or injured transport support

  • Call us for your grocery needs and help to get your medicines from your local pharmacy.

  • If you have elderly parents living independently in Thames, call us so we can support you in making sure they are looked after.

  • We will help get them to their appointments, groceries or social visits outside the home.

  • We provide transport assistance for elderly/injured or those in need of things such as takeaway pickups, script/medication pick ups from your pharmacy to help you retain your independence (please note: we do not do cigarette or alcohol pick ups).


Are you on ACC?

  • Are you unable to drive due to an injury? You can get support from ACC for taxi assistance to get around Thames for your supermarket trips, doctors appointments and work/education centres.

  • Ask your ACC manager about taxi assistance for help to get to work or voluntary work, groceries, shopping and medical/hospital appointments.

Hospital treatment shuttle

  • We provide a hospital/medical taxi service to get you to your appointment in Thames, Waikato, Middlemore, Auckland Hospitals etc.

  • Are you stranded unexpectedly after your own or a family members hospital treatment? We will help you return from hospital treatment to your home in Thames, Whitianga, Coromandel, Tauranga, Taupo, Auckland etc.

Vet, kennel or cattery travel with your pet

  • We can assist with travel with your pet to the vet, kennel or cattery. Your pet must be in a cage. Please check with us.

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